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Personal Training 

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About Me


            I’m Ahren Victory, Founder/Creator of Little Victory(s) Fitness.  For those that don’t know me personally….Yes.  Victory is truly my last name, and I stand tall at 5 feet 2 inches (on a good day =-p). 

So, I am quite literally, a Little Victory.

Like many of you reading this (probably), I am a New York based Singer, Dancer, and Actress.  But that’s not all, as a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, I have the knowledge necessary to safely and effectively help you achieve your performance/fitness goals. 

I am in the arena with you, taking dance class, vocal lessons, making/creating self-tapes, going to auditions, attending pre-pro, teaching…..I know what our bodies go through as we race around the city making Dreams Happen.  This knowledge and experience is the perfect combination to build stellar rapport, and start accomplishing those Little Victory(s) on the road to long-term Wellness and Success.

Mission Statement

At Little Victory(s), we believe that each small success on the quest to our overall goal is worth celebrating.  Not only is it the key to maintaining a healthy mindset and consistency to your fitness routine, it ultimately leads to long-lasting health and wellness.

We believe fitness is for everyone and will work with you to make a program that is easy to follow, fun, and is catered to your specific goals.

Let’s start Celebrating those Little Victories together!

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NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Corrective Exercise Specialist 

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